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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Fix My Reputation?

    Over the last five years we’ve developed leading edge technology that helps to safely and organically improve your search reputation. Each campaign is customized to emphasize the positive results which in turn will push the over exposed negative results.

  • How Does Pricing Work?

    Our service is entirely performance based. We put you back in control over your search reputation which allows you to have the search results you deserve.

    To get started simply select the negative search results from the Google results above. Each negative result has a simple monthly cost per position. For each position the result moves down on Google you’ll be charged monthly for the reduced ranking.

    For example, let’s assume that your negative result is in the 8th position on Google and has a monthly cost per position of $20. When we move that negative result to position number 9 you’d be charged monthly at a rate of $20. If in the following month we move the result down to the 11th position you’d be charged $60/mo. Essentially for each position the negative result loses you’d be responsible for the cost per position as indicated on our pricing page above.

  • Are There Contracts?

    Absolutely not! We don’t believe in long term contracts that lock you in and reduce your ability to recover your search reputation. With RepFix you are free to cancel at any time. That’s our RepFix guarantee.

Why RepFix?

Performance based

Our success relies on your success. All our pricing is performance based to ensure that you get what you pay for. If your results don’t improve- you don’t pay. Simple as that.

No contracts or setup fees

At RepFix we do things a bit differently. You aren’t committed to long term contracts or need to pay any setup fees. With us you pay only for results and can cancel at anytime.

Instant setup

Other companies require a lengthy setup process that can take weeks to get going. With RepFix, you can sign up in seconds and we will get started immediately. Seriously- no waiting.

Proven results

The proof is in the pudding. You only pay if your negative result moves down in the search results. We’re dependent on your improvements. Let our results speak for themselves.

Track progress

Weekly ranking updates and daily activity notifications allows you to quickly measure the improvement of your reputation. Monitor our work in nearly real time. Say goodbye to superficial monthly reports.

Helpful support

Our team of seasoned reputation management experts are here to help. From live chat to phone support, our team is easily accessible and happy to assist you.

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